Alkaline Therapy encourages the physical body’s natural immune capabilities by creating an alkaline environment in the internal ecosystem. This supports efficient function of body systems and organs. System efficiency is increased and overall health and wellness is increased, creating more energy and vitality to fight any illness or disease already occurring in the body and those newly introduced.


Our organs, lymphatic system, circulatory system and waste system are all working together to process food, transport nutrients, heal cells and take out the waste. If these systems can do their jobs, disease and illness are warded off easily. If these systems are bogged down with toxins, pesticides, poisons and processed foods, it becomes overwhelmed and cannot devote energy to proper healing and creation of new healthy cells.


The body is designed perfectly. If the body is given the fuel and environment it needs to function at maximum efficiency, immune functions will sufficiently maintain balance, pathogens will not be able to run rampant and illness and disease will not be a compromising issue. Cells and tissues will thrive, blood will be healthy and the body will be strong. If the entire body has the opportunity to function at its optimum level, health and wellness WILL return to the body.


An internal ecosystem of sufficient strength will block, resist and attack any viruses, bacteria and/or pathogens introduced into the system, warding off any potential illness or disease. Waste and toxins will be removed quickly and efficiently increasing the body’s overall strength and health. The cardiovascular system’s ability to transport minerals, nutrients, oxygen via the blood is greatly increased. The lymphatic system’s ability to balance vital hormones, transport white blood cells to and from bones, removal of fatty acids from the digestive tract and immune function is greatly increased.


Obesity and extra weight are simply symptoms of an overwhelmed Internal Ecosystem.


There are several ways to increase the alkalinity of your internal ecosystem. Replacing “dead” water with Ionized Alkaline Water is the first building block of Alkaline Therapy. Not only will drinky Ionized Alkaline Water daily, increases the alkalinity of your body, it is an antioxidant, providing ions to bond with free radicals. This secures the free radicals (no longer free) so they can be processed through the body’s waste systems and be removed. It is like taking out the trash. The body needs to have a high functioning systems or toxins build up in the tissues creating a breeding ground for disease and illness.


Ionized Alkaline Water, Organic Green Juice and an Alkaline Food Combining Diet, are the first three building blocks, to creating and maintaining a Healthy, Sustainable Internal Ecosystem. Start today, cleaning, clearing and maintaining your own system. This is Empowerment on a cellular level.   


Considering brain function is organic and biological, progress back to balance in the body will also create balance in brain function, chemical function and hormonal function. This will greatly aid in rebalancing of mental acuity, synaptic agility and brain processing function.

Alkaline Therapy is a holistic approach to the body, mind and spirit, to facilitate optimum health and wellness. Practices of mindset technique are also required for maximum effects. Research shows that belief, motivation and mindset are important components to successful physical health. Anyone participating in alkaline therapy is encouraged to also be engaged in a mindset education track that will sustain and maintain the progressive healing process.

Alkaline Therapy is an incremental program designed for easy assimilation and adjustment from a toxic, acidic body state to a clean, lean, healthy alkaline body state.

Introducing into the body ionized alkaline water produced by Enagic’s Kangen Water Machine is available to quick start you on the road to Health. Anyone can experience this amazing water and it’s rapid effects by signing up for a FREE 14 day supply, available at our new Kangen WATER STATION located at 2909 Coffee Road, Suite 4A Modesto CA 95355

ALKALINE THERAPY helps you implement these technologies through Coaching and Education. We are the only Modesto location hosting a Kangen Water Station. You can try the Ionized Alkaline Water for FREE. And to receive more information about Juice Club where you can get your supply of Organic Green Juice or personal instruction on juicing contact us today.

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