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Alkaline Therapy

The premise of an alkaline approach is to encourage the physical body’s natural immune capabilities by providing an alkaline environment.

This is accomplished through drinking alkaline water produced by Enagic’s Kangen Water Machine, drinking Green Juice, following a prescribe nutrition regimen….implementing a dedicated detox protocol and regular colonic hydrotherapy.

If the entire body has the opportunity to function at its optimum level, including organs lymph systems and blood system...it is our conclusion that pathogens will not be able to run rampant and immune functions will sufficiently maintain balance, disease will not be a compromising issue for the healthy body and systems.

Health and wellness will return to the body and any newly introduced, virus, bacteria or pathogens will easily be blocked and or resisted, creating an internal ecology of sufficient strength to ward of and new illness and or disease and fight any illness or disease already occurring.

Considering brain function is organic and biological, we put forth that and progress back to balance in the body will also create balance in brain function, chemical function and hormonal function. This will greatly aid in rebalancing of mental acuity, agility and function.

Alkaline Therapy is a wholistic approach to the body, mind and spirit, health and wellness. Practices of mindset technique are also required for maximum effects. Research shows that belief, motivation and mindset are important components to successful physical health. We require anyone participating in alkaline therapy to also be engaged in a mindset education track that will sustain and maintain the progressive healing process.

Alkaline Therapy Protocol is an incremental program designed for easy assimilation and adjustment from a toxic body and begins with introducing into the body alkaline water produced by Enagic’s Kangen Water Machine. Anyone can experience this amazing water and it’s rapid effects by signing up for a free 14 day supply, available at our new Kangen Water Station located at our office.


Clean up your environment, starting with your own body's internal Ecosystem. It always pays to invest in yourself, so invest in the future of your health. Clean out old toxic residue and boost your immune function.

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